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Advanced Hardware Configuration

Trigger Events

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RDS Output

RDS-enabled radios are found in many of today's vehicles. By using an FM transmitter with RDS capability, text information such as artist and song title can be broadcast along with the audio. HLS can work with any RDS software that looks for and reads in changes to a text file.

Figure 10.2-1

Setting the information in the sequence to be sent:

  • Select Output -> Select Output Method and Compile for Show
  • Figure 10.2-1 will appear.
  • In the field "RDS Text for Output File", enter the text you would like displayed to RDS-enabled radios and click OK.
  • Note: You will need to set this up for each sequence.

Figure 10.2-2

Setting the location of the text file to be written to:

  • If you have a sequence open, close down HLS and re-open.
  • Select Output -> Create a Playlist
  • Figure 10.2-2 will appear.
  • At the bottom of the window, select Folder to Store RDS.TXT
  • Navigate to the appropriate location of the text file, then follow the steps on Working with Playlists to create and save your playlist.

Setting up the text file:

  • Depending on the transmitter used and the software that comes with it, you will need to follow steps to let the software know where to look to find your saved RDS.TXT file.
  • Tip: This should be setup and tested (by typing text in to the file and saving it) to work out any kinks before adding HLS to the mix (to simplify trouble-shooting). Once you have verified the RDS system is working, delete any text in RDS.TXT and save.

Servo Motors

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