Vixen File Association

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If you are having a problem with Vixen not opening when you navigate to your sequences folder and double click on a sequence, when Vixen is not yet running, it could be a .vix file association problem. To correct the problem follow the directions below. These directions are for Windows XP SP2.

  1. Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, Windows Explorer.
  2. Click on Tools, Folder Options
  3. Click on File Types
  4. Scroll down to VIX
  5. Highlight VIX by clicking on it
  6. Click Advanced. If you do not see an Advanced button you will see a Restore button. Click Restore then re highlight VIX, Click Advanced and proceed.Vix fileassoc 1.JPG
  7. One by one select each of the actions listed except open. There may only be open but if there are more we only need the open action.
  8. Highlight open
  9. Click Edit
    Vix fileassoc 2.JPG
  10. Click Browse
    Vix fileassoc 3.JPG
  11. Now navigate to the Vixen.exe file in your Vixen program folder
  12. Highlight the Vixen.exe file
  13. Click Open
  14. Click OK
  15. Click OK, again
  16. Click Close
  17. Now close out all remaining windows
  18. Navigate to the folder containing your Vixen 2.0 Sequences
  19. Double click on a sequence and Vixen 2.0 should start and open the sequence file.

Good Luck and may the Force be with you!