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Timer Check Frequency

How often Vixen should look at the time to see if a scheduled item should be running.

A smaller number could have an effect on computer performance, but will increase the precision of item start times.

A larger number will decrease the accuracy of scheduled item start times, but will affect performance less.

Mouse Wheel

Client Name

Preferred Sequence Type

Determines which sequence type should be the default in various options in the program.

For this setting, choose the sequence type you use most.

Auto Shutdown

If the box here is checked, Vixen will automatically shut down the computer at the specified time.

For example, this setting could be used to shut off the show computer after all programs are finished for the night.

Disable Auto-Update

If this box is checked, Vixen will not connect to the internet when you start Vixen to see if a newer version is available.

Choose this option if you are not continuously connected to the internet.

Backup History Images

New Sequence Settings

Event Period Length

Determines how often vixen, by default, will update controllers when a sequence is playing.

Minimum and Maximum Illumination Level

Selects the minimum and maximum values sequences can be set to use.

Default Profile

Sets which profile should be used by default.

The "Create new" button adds a new, blank profile to the list,

Default Sequence Audio Device

Determines which of your computer's audio devices should be used by default for sequences.

Use the sequence wizard

If this box is checked, Vixen will use a wizard to walk you through creating a new sequence. If it is not checked, Vixen will create a blank sequence with the default values.

If a wizard is not available for the sequence type you select, Vixen will automatically just create a blank sequence with the default values.

Sequence Editing

Max column width and row height

Determines the maximum size of columns and rows in the editing grid for standard sequences.

Intensity adjust large change

Determines how much (in percent points) the intensity of selected cells should change per key press if you hold down the control key and use the up or down arrow keys to increase or decrease the intensity.

Auto size event Sequences

Save zoom levels

If this box is checked, Vixen will save the zoom levels in the sequence grid so they will be used each time you open the sequence.

Show save confirmation

If this box is checked, Vixen will display a message when a sequence has been saved successfully.

Show natural channel number

If this box is checked, Vixen will display a channel's number next to its name on the left side of the editing grid.

Sequence Execution

Show Position Marker

If this box is checked, Vixen will display a line at the current time in the sequence as it plays.

Auto scrolling

If this box is checked, Vixen will automatically scroll the window so the currently playing part of the sequence is in view.

Save plugin dialog positions

If this box is checked, the position of windows used by plugins will always appear in the same place.

For example, the Adjustable Preview plugin would display in the same place every time. You can drag it to one position and it will not reset every time the sequence plays.

Reset controller at end of sequences

If this box is checked, Vixen will turn all outputs on a controller off after a sequence is finished playing.

Audio Log

Sets options to log what sequences were played.

An example use of this option is if you are required to show what songs you have played for radio liscence purposes.

Log manual sequence executions - sets whether to log sequences you started manually (e.g. opening the sequence and clicking play) Log scheduled sequence executions - sets whether to log sequences started by the scheduler Log music player executions - sets whether to log songs played in the music player. Log Path - sets where to save the log file.

Background Items

Background Sequence

If "enable background sequence" is selected, the background script that you chose will run when no other items are running.

The "background sequence delay" box sets how long to wait after an executing item has finished before starting the background sequence.



Remote Execution