64 Channel Olsen 595 Controller Parts List

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Read the assembly instructions before ordering any components as there are few option on populating your boards. I recommend www.mouser.com for your parts order. I have no affiliation with them but have had great success in ordering from them and a couple of very good customer service issues resolved. If you decide to order from Mouser all you need to do is copy the part numbers and quantities into Mouser's Bom feature and you are good to go. Just make sure to double check your quantities because the list is for 1 complete board. If you have 2 boards you will need to double the quantities. The part numbers are on the left side and the quantity is simple a 1 or 2 digit number after a space on the same line as the parts number. For example the parts list will have a line like this: 571-5202514 18

571-5202514 is the part number and 18 is the quantity. If you have 2 boards then you would need to change the 18 to a 36.

I was informed By Patrick that you can just enter in the parts list into the Bom and not need to adjust quantity. Just save it as is as a project. Then you can just order 2 projects for 2 boards. Thanks Patrick.

If you have any questions just drop me an email.


I have compiled a list of parts and components to completely assemble a working Olsen 595 control board based on the version 2.4.1 layout. The following list can be imported directly into Mouser.com's BOM import tool, no need to enter each part number separately. This list is for 1 64 channel controller. If you have 2 boards you will need to double the quantities. The 1st list is the required parts and the 2nd list will be the optional components. An explanation of options will follow.


The above list is what is minimally necessary to build your working Olsen 595 control board.


The above is the required parts for the installation of a 5v input power indicating led. This is red in color.


The above are 16 and 18 pin ic sockets for the 595 and 2803 chips. A good idea in case removal of the ic chips is required.


The above is required for the installation of the 64 channel output leds. These are green in color.

(updated 01/11/08)

64 Channel Olsen 595 Controller Assembly Instructions