Converting Vixen Files to HLS

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1. Note: your Vixen sequence used an MP3 format. You must convert it to a WAV file. There are free converter programs on the web. Here is a link to one of them - Convert the file before you open HLS to make the Vixen sequence conversion to HLS. 2. Open HLS and click on the WAV File tab and then select Add QWAV File to This Sequence. Next, select your WAV file and after it is loaded, click on the I’m Done Return button (see Figure 1-102).

Figure 1-102. 3. Under the File tab- select Import a Vixen File. – You will be prompted to select the VIX file.. Select the VIX file you would like to convert. Note that the HLS conversion will give the new HLS file the same name as your VIX file with different extensions. You may see a note about HLS making a slight timing adjustment to the VIX timing to make it more exact. Select OK, The conversion will take place and you will see a note showing that the channels have been converted. Note: there is a lot happening and it will take time to complete the conversion. A conversion of 600 channels takes about 3-4 minutes. A conversion of 3500 channels may take 20 minutes. There is a Vixen Conversion Channel Counter to give you feedback as to how far you are into the conversion.

4. After the conversion you can choose the Manage Channels tab, select channels to create a group and work like you normally would with HLS. See the beginning of this document to see how to program in HLS.

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