HLS Getting Started Manual

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Due to the rapid development of HLS, each of the links will contain, in parenthesis, which version of HLS was used to create that portion of the manual. The links will contain an R in parenthesis to indicate that the page is in need of revision.

That way, it will be easy for others to determine which portions are up to date and which are out of date with a quick visual inspection.

Installing HLS (11V)

Creating a Sequence (11V)

Setting up Channels (11V)

Configuring Groups (11V)

Copying Channel Effects (11V)

Adding or Deleting Channels (R)

Creating a Preview (11V)

The following sections are now superceded by the HLS User Manual and Reference Guide

===Adding a Beat Track  (R)===
===Configuring the Sequence for Output  (R)===
===Creating Chases  (R)===
===Mirroring  (R)===
===Creating Custom Effects  (R)===
===Creating a library of Group Effects  (R)===
===Pixel Plane Effects  (R)===
===Play From a Mark  (R)===
===Changing the Play Speed  (R)===
===Apply an Over Control Ramp  (R)===
===Creating a Playlist and a Schedule  (R)===
===Setting Defaults for Ramps, Level, and Minimum and Maximum Output Levels  (R)===
===Dimming Curves  (R)===
===RGB  (R)===
===Converting 3 R, G, B channels Into a Single RGB Channel===
===Converting Vixen Files to HLS===
===Converting LOR Files to HLS===
===Tutorial Video and Links===