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HLS has a built in New Sequence Wizard which will walk you through the steps of creating a sequence. If you are attempting to create a new sequence but want to base it's setup on a previously created HLS sequence, follow the instructions on Using HLS Sequence Images.

Setting up the Sequence File:

Figure 0-1
  • To begin, open HLS and select the FILE menu, then choose Start a NEW Sequence - I'll Walk You Through The Steps (See Figure 0-1).

Figure 0-2
  • HLS will ask if your sequence will use audio (Yes), or no audio (no) (See Figure 0-2).

Figure 0-3
  • HLS will ask for permission to create a folder for your new sequence under your HLS folder (YES) (See Figure 0-3).

Figure 0-4
  • You will then be prompted to provide a name for your new sequence (See Figure 0-4).

Figure 0-5
  • HLS will then alert you that it is ready for your audio. (See Figure 0-5).

Setting up the Audio File:

Figure 0-6
  • A prompt will open asking you to select a WAV or MP3 file (See Figure 0-6).

Figure 0-7
  • Navigate to your music file and select it. In this example Music Box Dancer MP3 will be chosen (see Figure 0-7).

Figure 0-8
  • After your music file has been chosen and processed, Figure 0-8 will appear.

Figure 0-9
  • Click on the "I'm Done - Return" button. You should get a save confirmation message (See Figure 0-9).

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