General Information and Tips

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This is a collection of general information. If you have a tip about hanging icicle lights so they hang straight or know a trick to keep viewers from walking around the display area let us know and post it here.

General Info

DIYC Beginners Info: Info or beginners about DIYC and PCB boards and Controllers available

Qwiki Tips: Tips to help make your display brighter and better!

7 Steps to Selecting a Controller

Sequencing Tips

How Dimming Works

DIYC Electronic Tools: General, Basic and Advanced Tools for this Incredible Experience.

How to design most RGB pixel projects from start to finish

Troubleshooting/Solutions When things go wrong, these solutions to common problems could get your going again quickly

How to make a dipole FM transmitter antenna: Easy step-by-step construction of this valuable tool

Part Substitutions: Alternate Parts to use when your vendor does not have the right parts

Ohm's Law: Voltage, Current and Power explained

Snubbers: Using a resistor to help eliminate flicker on LED string channels

How to use a Multimeter

How to use a Multimeter video

How to read a Schematic

How to work with Wire

What are Resistors?

What are Diodes?

What are Capacitors?

Cables and Pinouts

Renard Data Cables: How to make a data cable

Pinouts: Standard Cable and port pinouts

SPT Wire and Vampire Plugs: How to Make Extension Cords using SPT and Vampire Plugs

IC Orientation: How to figure out the pin numbering on integrated circuits


Soldering is Easy: Comic book format beginners guide to soldering

SMT Soldering Comic book beginners guide to soldering Surface Mount Devices SMT

Soldering Renard Boards WayneJ's Video Instructions for soldering a Renard PCB

Curious Inventor's Soldering Basics Video tutorial that contains useful guidance on soldering, soldering tip hygene and technique.

Curious Inventor's SMT Soldering Tutorial Video tutorial that contains guidance on SMT soldering techniques.

SparkFun SMT soldering tutorial PDF tutorial show techniques and methods for SMT soldering.

SMT Soldering Practice Board

EEVblog #180 - Soldering Tutorial Part 1 - Tools

EEVblog #183 - Soldering Tutorial Part 2

EEVblog #186 - Soldering Tutorial Part 3 - Surface Mount

How to Program a PIC

Beginners_Guide_To_Programming_A_PIC: Beginners Guide To PIC Programming

WayneJ's video series on PIC programming: This is a series of videos on "How to program a PIC" using a Microchip Programmer hosted by Do It Yourself Christmas Forum member WayneJ.

Microchip PIC References: Books and other online references for learning how to use/program Microchip PIC Microprocessors.