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Getting HLS

Download and Installation (13F)

Upgrading HLS(13F)

Creating a Sequence

HLS Sequence Creation Wizard (13F)

Time Resolution (13F)

Channel Management

Setting up HLS Channels (13F)

Advanced Channel Management (13F)

RGB Channels (13F)

Configuring Display Groups (13F)

Sticky Channels (13F)

Segment Channels (13F)

Display Preview

Creating a Display Preview (13F)

Sequencing Channels and Adding Effects

Creating Basic Effects (13F)

Adding and Using Beat Tracks (13F)

Setting Defaults for Effects (13F)

Creating Chase Effects (13F)

Mirroring Effects (13F)

Fill Effects (13F)

Submaster Lighting Channels (13F)

Sequencing with RGB Channels (13F)

Custom Effects (13F)

Creating a Library of Group Effects (13F)

Creating and Using PixelPlanes

Creating a PixelPlane (13F)

The PixelPlane Editor: Creating Effects (13F)

Using Nutcracker with a PixelPlane (13F)

Fill Channels (13F)

PixelPlane Transitions Using Lighting Channels (13F)

Drawing a PixelPlane in the Display Preview (13F)

Facial Animation

Facial Animation (CN)

Sequence Playback

Sequence Playback (13F)

Sequence Output

Preparing Channels for Output (13F)

Hardware Configuration (13F)

Working with Playlists (13F)

Creating and Running a Schedule (13F)

Advanced Features

Trigger Events (CN)

RDS Output (CN)

Servo Motors (CN)

Remote-Controlled Video Player (CN)

Importing and Exporting Data and Sequences

Using HLS Sequence Images (13F)

Importing and Exporting CSV (13F)

Importing a Sequence from Vixen (13F)

Importing a Sequence from LOR (13F)

Sharing HLS Sequences (13F)

Sharing Library Effects (13F)

Copying and Pasting Channels from Another Sequence (13F)

Reference Guide

Restoring a Sequence from Backup (13F)

HLS Dimming Curves (13F)

Crosshair Cursor (13F)

The HLS Toolbar (13F)

Master Lighting Channel (13F)