Pixel Wiring Colors

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Pixel/RGB Wiring Colors

Pixels generally have 3-4 wires connected to each pixel:

  1. +5 or +12VDC Power Feed
  2. Ground Power Feed
  3. Data/ Signal
  4. Clock (not on all pixels)

Because pixels are sending control signals down the wires, there is an input set of wires and an output set of wires coming from each pixel. You can generally find markings such as words or arrows that identify the data direction for each set of wires by looking closely at the printed circuit board inside of the pixel. Other clues may include individual pin markings such as "SDO" Serial Data Output, "SDI" Serial Data Input, "CKO" Clock Output or "CKI" Clock Input. it is common to have the power on the two outer wires on a pixel and the data and clock as the inside wires. Many strings come two ground wires connected to the input and output sides.

Unfortunately there is no standard wiring color code for pixels supplied by different manufacturers.


WS2811 Pixabulbs

WS2811 Pixelabulb Strings (Input is end of string with male connector)
Ground Data +12V Photo
Black Green Red PICTURE TBD


WS2811 Pixel Strings (input is not chip side)
Ground Data +5V Photo
Blue (GND) White (DI) Red (+5v) PICTURE TBD


WS2801 Pixel Strings (input is chip side)
Ground Clock Data +5V Output Side Photo
Blue (GND) Green (CKO) White (SDO) Red (+5v) 2801 pixel diyledexpress 2012-04-03 08 01 38.jpg


TM1809 Pixel Strip
+12V Ground Data Photo
Red (+) Blue (-) Green (DI/DO) Tm1809strip.jpg

Other Vendors

Thanks to http://www.auschristmaslighting.com for this great info.


WS2801 Pixel Strings (input is non-chip side usually)
Scheme +5V 0V Clock Data Photo
1 Red Blue White Black  
2 Red White Green Blue WS2801 string.jpg
3 Red Blue Green Yellow  
4 Red Yellow Blue Green  
5 Black White Red Blue WS2801 pixel 5.jpg


  1. Fasteddy
  2. Blickensderfer
  3. ThaiWay
  4. Stella Black
  5. JPB


TM1804 Pixel Module (Square)
Signal Wire Colour Marking TM1804 module1.jpg
+12V Red +12V
Data Green DI
0V Blue GND
TM1804 Pixel Module (Rectangular)
Signal Wire Colour Marking TM1804 module2.jpg
+12V Red +
Data Green DI
0V Blue -
TM1804 Pixel Strings (Input is on chip side)
Signal Wire Colour TM1804 Pixel1.jpg
+12V Red
0V Green
Data Blue


LPD6803 Pixel Strip
Signal Wire Colour Marking 6803 Strip.jpg
+12V Red Di
Data Green Ci
Clock Blue St
0V White Li
LPD6803 Pixel String (RGB order)
Signal Wire Colour LPD6803 string.jpg
+5V Red
0V Yellow
Data Green
Clock Blue
LPD6803 Pixel String (GRB order)
Signal Wire Colour LPD6803 string2.jpg
+5V Red
Data Green
Clock Blue
0V White
LPD6803 Pixel String (RGB order)
Signal Wire Colour LPD6803 string3.jpg
0V Blue
Clock Red
Data Green
+24V Black


P9813 Pixel String (BGR order) Input is on chip side
Signal Wire Colour P9813 string.jpg
+5V Red
Data Green
Clock Blue
0V White

DC (No IC)

DC RGB Pixel String
Signal Wire Colour DC RGB string.jpg
Blue Blue
Green Green
+5 White
Red Red
DC RGB Module (input Left Hand Side)
Signal Wire Colour Rgb module.jpg
+12 Yellow
Green Green
Red Red
Blue Blue

GECE Wiring


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