Sharing HLS Sequences

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Files Needed for Sharing/Moving Sequences

Figure 11-12

HLS creates a number of files in each sequence folder. Many of these are backups or potentially other files that are not needed when looking to share a sequence with another person. Another time you would do this is if you had a "work" computer that you did the sequence work on, but needed to move sequences to a "show" computer for the actual output.

Figure 11-12 indicates the files that should be included in a zip file when sharing the sequence.

  • Note: The PCM file is the audio file in the sequence. This is an internal HLS file and cannot be played in a normal audio player.

Creating the Zip File

  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your HLS Folder. Inside will be folders containing each of your sequences. Open the folder for the sequence you wish to share.
Figure 11-13
  • Select the files that need to be included in the shared sequence. You can select multiple files by holding down the CTRL key and clicking desired files. (See Figure 11-13.)

Figure 11-14
  • Right-click on the selected files, select Send to -> Compressed (Zipped folder). See Figure 11-14.
  • Your files will be compressed into a zip file. Name it and click enter. You can now share this file with others.

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