best offer: 8 DLA AETHER II (LED FLOOD) kits - + 25 USPS large box priority shipping


Just found these while cleaning outmyt remaining Christmas things.

EIGHT Aether II Flood Light kits - unassembled

BEST OFFER in next month takes it (by 2/28/24) - PM me
+ $25 shipping in USPS large prepaid box

Never built DLA Lynx "Aether II" RGB floods . 35W each @ 12V

DMX controlled. Sold as DLA COOP kits.

Aether II kits (DLA) w widest lens option look for Lynx Aether II

Generally people would put these in a cheap outdoor flood enclosure, but many solutions would work.

Often I saw people powering them with 12V LV transformers and they used like 35w each on full.


*warning* the kits MIGHT be missing a part or two, probably not much tbh -- but for the cost of these,
any missing part (like maybe a volt regulator or two) those parts would be maybe under $5 to source.
The reason I say this is because I can vaguely recall having to steal a part or two for another build and it was
something like a voltage regulator and or a capacitor or something, nothing expensive or rare.
Upon inspection the kits look 99% as they would have from the COOP manager.
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Original price on these is kind of embarrassing, but not cheap since the main LED part used costs about $60+ each,
which is also why its super bright. At this point, I just want someone in the hobby to get them and utilize them, not get money back.