Can't reach xLights sites


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Hey all,

Is anyone else having trouble reaching the xLights sites ( and I get a warning from Malwarebytes about a trojan when I go to either of the 2 sites or when I open xLights.

Earlier today, after xLights threw the warning, I was able to get on the website 1 time and left a question about this Trojan message. Since then I can't log on to either website.
Both work fine for me.
Thanks Kev7274.

I appreciate the response and double check. I guess Malwarebytes is just throwing a 'fit'...Haha.

Odd that it would start all at once without any recent updates. I'll go and tweak the "exclusions list" a bit.

The first time Malwarebytes 'alarmed' it was against the xLights.exe file. I placed that file in the exclusions list and then Malwarebytes alarmed on the websites too. Just thought I'd better see if anyone else was having problems before I add those sites to the exclusions list.

Thanks again.
I use to use Malwarebytes in the past and it would block sites I knew were legit. So it seems it's doing the same to you.