EFL Designs 36EFLAKE Mounting Ideas


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This 36EFLAKE has some holes that look like they?re for tie-wraps and at the ends of the snowflake arms there are holes.


Anyone else have these and how have you mounted them?
I don't have EFL but I have snowflakes, and on the side of the house I just use those damage-free hooks with double-sided tape. On brick, the tape doesn't work too well, so I just hot glue on the hooks. It looks like those flakes would hang with no problem, holes not necessary.
Thanks for the reply. I figured out what the tie-wrap holes were for. This large snow flake is shipped folded in half with one side of the Coro slit down the middle. There were two other pieces that get tie-wrapped to the back to keep the snowflake sturdy so it doesn?t fold.
Odd. When Boscoyo has to split props in two, they slit it across the coro pipes.. And to reassemble it, you grab two or three dowel rods and slip those down the pipes. Those dowel rods hold the coro back together again real well. I have two 8-foot coro props that hold together in the wind that way.
That sounds like a good way.

This way works well too. The picture shows the split only on one side so the prop can fold. Then he backer pieces zip tie to keep it stiff.


Here?s how I decided to mount these snowflakes. I made a PVC frame to keep the back of the pixels and wires from being pressed against the house. Then using vinyl siding clips and some aluminum bar stock I created mounting brackets that the PVC frame fits in.

Pictures below: