Help Repairing My Sagging Inflatables - Is Rejuvination Possible ?

I have one of the old Santa Band inflatables. These are very collecatable and I love it. I don't want to let it end up in a trash can. The original motor is very strong but the thing is starting to sag (a lot). Santa is bending forward and so is the bear. I have checked it for general leaks and holes and cannot find any. But I can feel a lot of air coming out of the seams. I am thinking that some sort of waterproofing might be needed to seal this thing back up .. possibly sprayed on from the inside. But I don't want to pick anything like paint that would get stiff and ultimately crack.

Pic attached. Taken when it did not have any sagging problems. I have some 8' Santas and Snowmen that have similar issues.

Does anyone have experience with rejuvinating inflatables ?

Did you ever get a fix that worked? I have the same problem with the same inflatable.
I've had to rejuvenate several inflatables over the past few years. Step 1: look for any bad seams, zippers or tears and patch as needed. 2: open up the blower, clean and lubricate. 3: Take a tube of silicone caulk (clear) squeeze into a jar and mix with an equal quantity of paint thinner. Apply to the entire inflatable, applying multiple coats to seams. Step three WILL change the appearance of the fabric, so save this as a last resort.

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