Looking for Renard SS24 or SS16

I have one SS16 and one Kostyun Ren24 v3.0


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Thank you for responding. How much do you want for each one and what would shipping to Kansas City, KS 66112 cost?
For the Ren24HC do you want the whole package including the enclosure, heat sink and output receptacles/wiring?
I have a couple of Ren24s I am not using. They work and are in cases. Are you still looking to pick some up?
I am still looking for 1-SS24 board only.
I have 2-SS24. Fully assembled, tested and used for several years. I can pull them from their cases if you want. Willing to sell you both complete for $50 plus shipping. Let me know.
IMO, if a controller is complete, in box with cables and working, it's better to buy it as-is. Sometimes dismantling the controller to save a couple bucks on shipping results in a board that needs repair before it can be used again. Besides, you still need to purchase all the external cables anyway....
I'm looking for Renard SS 16/24. It's been a while since I've been here. I've got my son in to it and we need some more Renards for his house.