Debi and I will be there. I look forward to a burger that I try not to eat the rest of the month.

It'll be good to see you again, Dave!

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Looking forward to seeing everyone this Thursday 10/12 at our monthly lunch... Same time and place!!! Some of you may already have started setting up -- we'll be looking forward to hearing about what you have planned for this year!!!
I'm won't be there this month. I'm coming down with a cold or something that I don't want to spread.
We will be there this week, can't think of a reason not to be. [emoji848]

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Attaboy, Ernie! I'll be there, too, unless I get a sudden urge to set up my 2024 show almost 11 months early....

Yep! It's time for another blinky-flashy lunch!!! This Thursday, March 14th. Same time, same place... and probably the same food selections!!! (are we Minnesnowtans stuck in our ways or what?!?!?)

One topic for conversation will be global warming and how it's damaged our reputation... we're thinking we'll be known as MinneNOSNOWta from now on....
Sorry friends, but I'm not going to be able to attend the next blinky flashy lunch on Thursday, April 11th. I have a conflict with a Minnesota Orchestra concert. So while you guys will be scarfing down the burgers at Snuffy's, I'll be listening to Schumann's Spring Symphony, Max Bruch's First Violin Concerto (Erin Keefe, concertmaster is the soloist) and a Brahms symphonic piece that I can't remember.... so for 2 hours, I'll be floating on some fantastic musical melodies.... So eat some onion rings for me....
Hey hey hey!!! Thursday, May 9th is our next lunch! See you there! Same time and place. If you went to the Mini this past weekend, share what you saw!
Have a great time folks. I'll think about you as I tear apart my front porch in "not so Minnesnowda like weather."
The next lunch meeting is set for Thursday, July 11, 2024. Same time, same place, same menu, same, same, same, same.....
Hope to see everyone there!!!
Hey, just had a call from Al Gerdes -- looks like he's coming to the July lunch!!! That'll be fun!! Wish him safe travels. He's got a map and know where and when it is!

And word has it that Phil has been tearing his hair out on his ESP/pixel/network project.... so if a bald guy walks in that you don't recognize, welcome him anyway....