PVC Farris Wheels

Welcome to DIYC!!!! Looks like you've got some good ideas going. Keep us posted on how it's going and maybe we'll be able to help out!!!
Hello everyone. I built a 7 feeet diameter ferris wheel out of 1/2" PVC 500 12mm leds and it has baskets with stuffed animals. I want to thank everyone for your post, and sequece sharing. I am still leaning. Here is the link. Merry christmas from Hawthorne california. https://youtu.be/c5w3OnkrjWU
Where would you get your outdoor characters (people/animals) to sit in the chairs? That is something I've often wondered about (since stuffed animals would become a heavy, moldy mess after a few rains.

All you have to do is remove the filler, and fill with Great Foam. Now they don't soak up water and stay light (weight).
Both my penguins skating and my Ferris Wheel riders were done that way.

built PVC Ferris wheels back in 2010...here were some pics from it all (lasted 2 seasons...the original deer motor worked really well...until it didn't. Then I didn't have another exactly like it and the motor to shaft was off with the new motor, making it ruin that motor. Attempted wiper motor but then lost interest in spending all my time on this project only)

First pic is before redesign and final version, but has good info embedded in it.


How original motor mounted:


Final version:


Added lights (but wasn't 'safe'...no slip ring...just two strips of metal pushed into a slot to connect to two copper pipe on shaft)...note, pic makes it look like it's going faster than light...was actually very slow.


Some other pics showing important pieces...

Designed to be able to break down for easy storage (until I added lights).
CIMG9216 (Phone).JPG

Main shaft:

CIMG9218 (Phone).JPG

Thumbnail was final paint...video was before painting...

Added lights (solar lights powered with wall-wart

Windshield wiper motor is your friend for this. I highly recommend going with that? Amazing torque, good prices, and can regulate the speed by adjusting the voltage to it.

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