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Hi Everyone, hope everyone had a nice, glitch free holiday display this year. Since its either been snowing or raining the last few weeks, I have not taken down my display outside. Now that the Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl, I would like to do a static display of the Chiefs logo on my mega tree, but have no idea how to do that in Xlights. Anyone have any suggestions?


You can use the picture effect, download the image you want to use. You have to scale it to get what you want it to look like.
Sorry about the duplicate. I was working on it in between TV time and missed Aurbo99 post.

Download the logo from anywhere. Resize it using a paint program to fit your tree resolution.

Create new sequence (animation will work). Use the picture effect. In the dialog box, browse for your resized logo. Done.

When I did this a few years ago for one of our teams, my low res tree didn't do the logo justice so I scrolled the picture across the tree. Worked about as well as static.
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Thanks everyone, for your responses. I appreciate the help. Didn't think about actually making a sequence with just one effect basically. Keep it simple stupid : )