What type of thing you guys display on your pixels in between the musical sequences?


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What type of thing you guys display on your pixels in between the musical sequences?
I usually play 4-5 songs at the beginning of the hour, then loop some sort of non musical effects till next hour.
What about other ppl? Looking for ideas on what other are doing
2 different 24 minute shows. One on Odd days and the other on Even days. Continous loop, no gaps.
13 songs with 5 to 12 second messages on P5 matrix and talking ornament, between songs. The Messages inform viewers to not do things like: park in front of driveways, watch out for kids and when Santa night will be.
I just do different effects (bars, spiral, single sting, balls, snow, stack) just things i think look good. I have multiple of these based on color theme (red&green, blue&white, purple&white, red&white, multicolor, green&white)/

My schedule is two musical sequences then a 5 min animation/virtual Santa sequence
The display in the park is on a continuous loop from opening till closing each night. No gaps. Sunday through Thursday the full 35 minutes of sequences run. Friday and Saturdays the sequence list is paired down to about half of what is available. One half on Friday, the other half on Saturday.

My display at my house cannot stop traffic or it will prevent access to 80 homes, therefore we do non-music sequences. Simple effects on a constant loop. Each loop consists of 3 minutes of effects. People stop and watch for about 90 seconds each then keep moving on.
Three 35 min shows, that play continuously with no gaps. Each show plays two different nights a week. Combined show of all three playlists on Saturdays is 2 hours long. It again is on continuous loop with no gaps. Have inflatable penguin up front who talks between songs, giving titles and artists credits.
Very good info guys. I guess we all do the same or al test similar things.
In between my musical sequences, I have 3 or 4 about 1min long effects playing in the loop. I was looking on ideas what cool effects I can ad for this year. My setup is very basic.Layout.JPG
I also just play on a continuous loop. This year the show is only about 15 min long, some years it's longer. I play a static sequence at the end of the night, and it has all the lights on, and the pixels are just random effects, bars, spirals, etc. depending on what looks best for each prop.
I've got a continuous loop of 19 songs which works out to 1hr and 2 min. The matrix shows the song playing with the fm station so people who have come by multiple times know where they are in the que. In the morning I run just a rainbow fx on a loop from 630-8 for the kids on the way to school.

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