10' Megatree Storage

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Here's my suggestion for a simple and compact way to store your Megatree(s).

My garage is fairly typical. There is a two foot space between the ceiling track for my garage door and the wall of the garage. The joists in the ceiling are two feet apart and are perpendicular to the wall.. For this design you will attach two boards to the joists in the ceiling of the garage onto which the Megatrees can be hung for storage.

  • Megatree storage schematic

Materials and Tools

  • Two pieces of 2x4 lumber, 2 feet long
  • Two pieces of 1 foot x 2 foot ¼” plywood or particle board
  • Four ½ inch x 4 inch lag bolts
  • Four washers, ½ I.D.
  • Nails, 8 penny
  • Drill bit, ½ inch
  • 1¾ inch hole saw
  • Drill
  • Socket wrench set
  • Stud finder
  • Step ladder(s)


  1. Drill 1¾ inch holes in the ¼ inch plywood/particle board. Drill the same pattern in both pieces, one hole for each Megatree. Space the holes about 6 inches apart and 4 inches from any edge. You may want to drill extra holes in case you build more Megatrees in the future.
  2. Drill two ½ inch holes for lag bolts into each 2x4, 8 inches from each end
  3. Create two Megatree hanger assemblies with the above items. Nail each plywood/particle board onto the 2 inch side of a 2x4 lumber. Your hangers will need to be mirror images of each other, so if the holes are not symmetrical take care to place the 2x4s properly.
  4. Determine your storage location. I found that the side of the garage where the garage door rolls up is pretty much unusable for other things and was perfect.
  5. Use a stud finder to locate the rafters in the ceiling of your garage or storage area. Carefully mark the center of the rafters.
  6. Your plywood/particle boards will need to be spaced exactly 10 feet 2 inches apart. If your location uses standard 2 foot 0 inch rafter spacing this is perfect, as you can attach the 2x4s to the rafters with lag screws with the plywood/particle boards on the outside/opposing edges of the 2x4s, giving you exactly the spacing you need. See the schematic illustration in the Introduction above.
  7. Attach the Megatree hanger assemblies to the rafters using lag bolts and washers, mirror images. Your hangers should look something like the following.
  • Hanger for Top end of the Megatree
  • Mirror image hanger for Bottom end of the Megatree

Storing the Megatree

These steps require some strength. You may want to get someone to help.

  1. Place a step ladder near the hangar board where the bottom of the Megatree will be stored.
  2. If you followed the instructions for building a 10' Megatree you now have a "spare" 1 inch PVC pipe with coupling/cap on the end. Here's where you will use it - pick up the PVC pipe in one hand.
  3. Pick up the Megatree near the middle/balance point. Place the top end of the Megatree (the end that has the coupling/cap sticking out) into one of the holes in the hangar board where the top of the Megatree will be stored.
    • Coupling/cap ready to insert into hanger hole
    • Coupling/cap started into hanger hole
    • Coupling/cap seated into hanger hole
  4. Shifting down toward the bottom end of the Megatree pole, and making sure the coupling/cap stays securely in its hole, carefully climb the step ladder.
  5. Continuing to make sure the coupling/cap stays securely in its hole, lift the Megatree's EMT pipe to its corresponding hole on the bottom hanger board.
  6. Insert the 1 inch PVC pipe through the hole in the hanger board and into the EMT pipe.
    • PVC pipe ready to insert into hanger hole
    • PVC pipe started into hanger hole and EMT pipe
    • PVC pipe seated into hanger hole and EMT pipe

    The coupling/cap on the end of the 1 inch PVC pipe will prevent it from going through the hole in the hanger board, and the 10 foot 2 inch spacing of the hangers will prevent the top end of the Megatree slipping out of its hanger.

Your Megatree is now securely stored for the off-season.

  • First Megatree stored for the off-season

Repeat the steps above if you have other Megatrees.