Antenna Types

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Antenna Types

There are multiple antenna types that can be built for your FM tranmitter. Below are common ones that have with write ups from members:

Dipole - How to make a dipole FM transmitter antenna: Easy step-by-step construction of this valuable tool

1/4 Wave Ground Plane - 1/4 Wave Ground Plane by JHinkle: Discusses some antenna theory and how to build a 1/4 Wave Vertical Antenna

There is of course a lot of information else where on the web regarding FM transmitter antenna design and construction. Below are a few links that you may find useful:

Another 1/4 Wave Ground Plane design from DIY Light Animation

VLP SWR Bridge

Tool designed by IdunBenhad to measure the SWR of the antenna and match it as closely as is possible to your transmitter.

VLP SWR Bridge info and construction