Fox Cub Ren-W Changes

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Fox Cub Ren-W Changes

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Ren-W provides RS232 voltage levels via the MAX232 which is too high for the RS485 voltage levels FoxCub16 uses. Do not use the Ren-W without modification with FoxCub16, the ATMega328p will eventually overheat.

The following details alterations to 2 boards. Board 1 is a Ren-W transmitter connected to FCSquealer. Board 2 is a Ren-W receiver connected to the FoxCub16 RS485 network.

The Max232 chip should be removed on both boards.

Ren-W Transmitter Connected to FCSquealer

The changes to the Ren-W Rev 6 PCB are minor:

  • Remove Max232IN chip from Ren-W
  • Make sure JP2 is NOT jumpered.
  • Remove RJ45 from transmitter board.
  • Jumper TX, (RX should be NOT jumpered)
  • Connect 3 Wires between the Ren-W Rev6 and FCSquealer:
  • JP4 (GND) on the Ren-W to the Ground terminal on the DC Power socket on FCSquealer
  • JP3 (5V) on the Ren-W to the 5V terminal on the DC Power socket on FCSquealer
  • JP2 (left side, furthest away from the LED) on the RenW to R3 (the end furthest away from the DC Power Socket) on FCSquealer

Note: It's permitted to use the Ren-W and FCSquealer for transmitting both wirelessly and via Cat5E (RS485) at the same time.

Ren-W Receiver connected to RS485

A DS75176 is used as a RS485 transmitter.

  • Remove Max232IN on the Ren-W
  • Make sure JP2 is NOT jumpered on the Ren-W
  • Jumper TX and RX on the Ren-W
  • On the Ren-W, solder pins 7/8 on the RJ45 together, and connect to 5V on the board.
  • On the DS75176 connect:
  • Pin 2 to Pin 3 and connect that via a 4.7K resistor to 5V
  • Pin 4 to Pin 10 on the Max232 pinout (note MAX232 is removed) on the Ren-W
  • Pin 5 to 0V
  • Pin 6 to Pin 7 with a 120 Ohm resistor
  • Pin 8 to 5V

  • Also connect Pin 6 to the bottom of the RX header on the Ren-W (bottom is nearest the LED)
  • Also connect Pin 7 to the bottom of the TX header on the Ren-W (bottom is nearest the LED)
  • Connect Pin 12 on the Max 232 pinout (not MAX232 is removed) on the Ren-W to 5V
  • Supply 0V to JP4, supply 5V to JP3

Another way to implement the receiver changes is to create a daughter board that plugs into the MAX232 DIL socket:

FoxCub16 Ren-W Daughter Installed.jpg

FoxCub16 Ren-W Daughter Bottom.jpg FoxCub16 Ren-W Daughter Top.jpg

Tested Settings For Ren-W, FoxCub16 and Vixen

XBee Configuration
  • Function Set: XBEE PRO 802.15.4 Tested Firmware Version: EC
  • Mac Mode: 1-802.15.4 NO ACKS
  • Interface Data Rate: 57600
  • Parity: No Parity
  • Packetization Timeout: 0
Vixen Configuration
  • Baud: 57600
  • Parity: None
  • Stop Bits: 1
  • Data bits: 8
FoxCub16 Configuration
  • Baud: 57600

NOTE: Speeds over 57600 won't work in general with the Ren-W due to XBee Radio limitations