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In December of 2011 Joe Hinkle saw his first Holdman's Christmas video and decided "I can do that". Shortly thereafter he designed his own 24 channel controller and wrote a sequencer! In February of 2012 Joe offered his sequencer in beta form to all who wanted to try it ( HLS Sequencer - Beta - Free to use ). Joe's support of his software is beyond anything you could hope for. When a solid issue is brought up by a user, Joe usually has a fix and a new version out the same day. Usually within hours after discovery and isolation of the issue's source.

The DIY Christmas user Jon Stenerson (stenersonj) wrote the HLS Getting Started Manual (located on Joe's software download page) where he also keeps the latest version of HLS, release notes, HLS Player, WAV converter and several other pieces of software. As Joe has refined HLS, some of the information, screens, etc have changed. Using a Wiki should make it much easier to keep the HLS Getting Started Manual updated reflecting the current version of the software. With the speed that Joe continues to add new functions and power to HLS, the manual additions/revisions is going to have to be a community effort.

There are several very experienced users of HLS that share thier time and energy helping to teach others the use of HLS and assisting in helping answers that come up. One DIYC user in particular is angus40. Angus40 (Richard) has produced numerous, excellent how-to videos which are hosted on Vimeo. Richard's videos and descriptions can be found in the Video Tutorial section of this Wiki (soon).

The reason this Wiki was created is because of the belief that if you document what you learn, you can always go back and review it as a refresher.
The HLS forum on DIYC is filled with excellent information on how to operate the software and what to watch out for, but sometimes trying to find those nuggets later on can be difficult.

We are looking forward to learning all we can about HLS and and sharing it. If you would like to help with building this Wiki, contact Macrosill and request that you be added to the Wiki contributers.

Using HLS

HLS User Manual and Reference Guide

The HLS User Manual and Reference Guide is designed to provide detailed documentation and cover all aspects of HLS.

If you prefer an electronic pdf version for offline viewing or printing, you can get the most recent version from Joe's download page here: http://joehinkle.com/HLS/ Look for the pdf file(s) that are titled "UMaRG-XXx.pdf" (XXx = version) for the double column version and "UMaRG-SC-XXx.pdf" for the single column version.

Historical Guides

Getting Started Manual

The DIYC user Jon Stenerson (stenersonj) wrote the HLS Getting Started Manual which describes the installation/usage of HLS and contains many screen shots and great information for getting started. Note that this was written a while ago and many things have changed over the development per feature requests on DIYC so some screens may look different than in the manual. The basic concepts of channel layout, preview preparation, sequencing remain the same so the manual is still very useful, especially for a beginner to HLS. The manual can be downloaded at the main HLS download site here.

DIYC HLS Getting Started Manual

The HLS Getting Started Manual is meant to be a fast tutorial to get up and running with HLS. While it has not been updated in a while, it is still a good way to get your feet wet. This manual was designed to take the original manual, transform it into a wiki, and keep it maintained.

The following wiki was first used but it is no longer updated. Getting Started with HLS (External Wiki)

Howto Videos

Joe's Videos



Angus40's (Richard's) Videos






All installations begin with visiting the current website and downloading the latest ZIP file: [1].

Windows HLS Installation
Linux HLS Installation


Upon HLS launch, HLS will check the download site to see if there is a newer version available. If there is, a prompt will be shown suggesting to take you there for a download. Upgrading follows almost the same procedure as installation, only you will extract the files of the ZIP on top of the existing installation. For additional detailed information see the following link:
[Upgrading HLS]


Ctrl+click Shift for info

Keyboard Shortcuts


How do I re-order channels?

How do I delete effects?

How do I make channels actually output data?

How do I make channels NOT output?

How do I import sequences from sequencer X?

How do I convert 3 individual channels to 1 RGB channel?

How do I remove all effects from a channel?

How do I copy/paste?

How do I cancel a selection?

How do I select an effect, starting from the upper corner?

How do I make an effect bigger?

How do I move an effect?

How do I move an effect from one channel to another?

What are the keyboard shortcuts?

How does the Beat Track work? http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showthread.php?20796-Beat-Track https://vimeo.com/44991162

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