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Getting Started

Basic Terminology A great first step to learn about the RGB Lighting world.

RGB vs Pixels

RGB vs Pixels

Great information to review if you are just getting into RGB Lights. Will help you try to decide how and which direction you would like to go with RGB lights. There are alot of great options from the budget minded to over the top.

What is a Pixel or a Strip Good information talking about the terminology.

Dumb RGB or Intelligent Pixels?? Great comparison of what both are.

Things You Will Need To Get Started With Pixels

Things You Will Need To Start Using Dumb RGB

"Dumb" RGB Lights

Dumb RGB lights are any RGB LED that cannot be individually controlled. This mean you can use a DCssr, REN48LSD, or any other DC Controller to control the lights. You can control a whole string or strip with 3 channels instead of each led being 3 channels like the intelligent. More information will come as i get it compiled.

RGB Lights List

Intelligent RGB Pixels

Here is a list of what are considered intelligent pixels and some places you can pick them up. There are alot of places you can get them and the prices vary. To use these types of pixels you will need some sort of a controller to make them work. When choosing your controller make sure it will work with the protocol type of pixel you are using.

Different Styles of Pixels
Choosing a Pixel Voltage: 5V vs 12V


Here are the controllers that work with either RGB or Pixel lights. They range from Renard, DMX, SPI, E1.31, Etc. Find what suits yours needs.

For full list of Controllers


Everything you will need to power up your lights


Information about different wiring of RGB and Pixels

Pixel Wiring Colors
Pixel Connectors
Power Injection
Null Pixels

Important Information

What is E1.31 and how do I connect E1.31 up?
Waterproofing Pixels

Ideas to make things with Pixels

Nutcracker - RGB Sequence Builder