Is there a comparison list for pixel controllers?


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Is there a comparison list for pixel controllers?
Something showing controller name, channel count, transfer protocol, processor type,price, etc
"That is quite a comprehensive list! A lot of work went into that, very cool!" (DrNeutron)
I cannot agree more. Fantastic compilation.
Thank you!
Wow. I closed the DIGWDF Store in 2018 because it looked like pixels were going to take over and I didn't want the DIGWDF engineers to create a "me-too" product. Judging from the data in that spreadsheet I think I made the right decision.
FYI... I didn't have anything to do with the list creation.. Just found it on the Interwebs... It is pretty handy....
And even that list is not complete. There is some overlap in this list and the supported platform list for the ESPixelStick V4 SW. However, there are a couple of platforms in V4 that are not on that list. I would guess that list encompases no more than 30% of the available controllers. With that said, that is the most complete public list I have seen so far.