Power injection when using multiple universes?


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How do you go about injecting power when you use multiple universes for a Mega Tree? Do you only run a data line to the point of injection?

Thanks for your time!

Universes don't have anything to do with injecting power directly.

Power injection is power only. V+, if from same power supply gets joined to V+ in the tree. Data continues through. V- (ground) gets all tied together. IE, ground from the outgoing strand, the power injection supply and the ground on the next strand get tied together.

If you are asking how to do power when you are out of power from the controller. Bring data and ground (V-) from controller. Then join the ground with your new power supply creating V+,data and V- (ground).
Yes, I’m already injecting power to the pixels. If I also connected the V+ to the controller, then I’d have V+ on two power supplies connected.

I guess I wish I just had two more X Connect t’s to keep it clean.
It's fine as long as you don't connect 2 V+ to the same string of lights as long as all the grounds are tied together