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Fill Channels are designed to work with custom effects, such as the Pixel Plane. A Fill channel is a channel that "fills in" the background of pixel plane effects. This allows the opportunity to add background fill without messing up the complex effects that you have created. When a Fill Channel is activated, it will ONLY turn on when your PixelPlane effect is displaying. And it will ONLY light the OFF pixels.

VIDEO: Joe describes Fill Channels in his 2013 Intro video

Setting up a Fill Channel:

  • Open the Fill Channel Manager: Manage Channels -> Manage Fill Channels
  • Click New and assign a channel to function as a fill channel.
  • Add the fill channel and your PixelPlane channel to the same display group.
  • Add background effects to the fill channel. These can be different colors, fades, etc.

Engaging a Fill Channel:

  • A Fill Channel must be engaged for it to show up.
  • In the main window, click Ask to Apply Master Lighting.
  • When you hit PLAY, the Master Lighting window will open. You don't need to check anything. Just click OK.
  • Your fill channel will now be active and will display when PixelPlane effects are playing.


Fill Channels

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