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This is the page to talk about how to build the things that people see in your display. If you have custom made anything for your display write an article about it in step by step instructions and post it here. We are always looking for cool and unique ideas and items to add to our displays. Remember a picture is worth 1000 words!


Hookup: An organized way to wire your display.

Electrical & Wiring

Electrical Tools:Recommended tools that you should have on hand.

GFCI: Why GFI Ground Fault Interrupter is so important.

Shared Neutral Cables: Specialized cables that can combine multiple channels into a bundle.

Shorten Mini Lights: How you can cut or shorten a set of 100 Mini style Christmas lights

Shorten LED Strings: How to cut, shorten or modify LED strings

Extension Cord Adapters: How you can adapt a regular extension cord to handle two control channels.


Mini Trees: What Mini Trees are and how to make them.

Easy Light Arch: How to build a 10 channel Light Arch.

Happy Holidays Sign: How to build a Happy Holidays sign using PVC pipe.

Plywood Cut Outs: This page has patterns for cutting display items out of plywood.

How to Convert Mini Strings to Simple Homemade Led Strings: This page will tell you how to create your own led strings using old mini lights, standard leds, and diodes/resistors. They are full wave and very easy to do. Now you can shorten an existing string or custom make your own.

How to Make a 3ft Star out of PVC: Easy way to build a 3ft star out of Sch40 PVC

Candy Cane Upgrade to Rope Light: Taking an old Candy Cane and replacing the lights inside with rope light or adding rope light to a Candy Cane that does not have lights. Also, just a method to add power to a cut rope light.

Outline a House with Pixels: Blog Article [1]

Building a StarFlake Spinner: A low-cost pixel based DIY prop that is Flexible and Versatile

Going Green

Led Lighting: Ways that Light Emitting Diodes are making headway into our designs

Media: Converting_LEDs.pdf: Converting cheap chinese LED strings to full wave & dimable for light control