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It is common to mount the various circuit boards and controllers in plastic enclosures to protect them from exposure to the environment and things like rain, snow and insects. While most of the enclosures folks use are not truly "Waterproof" they are "Weatherproof". The following enclosures manage to keep the boards reasonably well protected. While some people go to various lengths to cover the enclosures by plastic bags or use rope caulk to make a better seal on the covers, most folks do not. These enclosures are originally designed for use in the telecommunications and the cable tv industry for mounting various equipment outside. The enclosures all have various height standoffs on the inside back wall to attach circuit boards to. The enclosures all have snap lock closures to keep the enclosures closed. Some of the enclosures also have recessed screw lock to make the enclosures more tamper proof. It is also possible to further secure the enclosures using plastic wire ties thru the slots on the doors.

There also many other alternative ways to mount your circuit boards in other types of enclosures.


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Popular Enclosures

Exterior Dimensions

TA-2003.13” (7.95cm)3.63” (9.22cm)2.5” (6.35cm)
CG-5006.5" (16.5cm)8.0" (20.3cm)2.75" (7.0cm)
CG-10009.00" (22.80cm)9.00" (22.80cm)3.00" (7.60cm)
CG-150012.25" (31.10cm)12" (30.50cm)5.25" (13.30cm)
CG-200013.0" (33.00cm)9.0" (22.80cm)3.0" (7.60cm)

TA-200 (Terminal Access TA-200 Terminal Enclosure)

TA-200TA-200TA-200 Ukewarrior SSRez  g2ktcf SSRNeon Ukewarrior DCSSR dlovely DCSSR thurrle Renard PX1 Wayne j

Common usage: SSRez ACSSR, SSRNeon ACSSR, DCSSR Version 2.4, Renard PX1 Pixel Controller, Pixel DCSSR
External Dimensions (HxWxD): 3.13” x 3.63” x 2.5” (7.95cm x 9.22cm x 6.35cm)
Internal Dimensions:
Internal Drawing

CG-500 (CableGuard 500 Coax Demarcation Enclosure)

CG-500CG-500 Simple Renard 32 Combo OregonLights RPM's E1.31 to DMX Bridge nuelemma

Common usage: Simple Renard 32 Combo, Simple Renard 32 RGB+W DC Controller, RPM E1.31 To DMX Bridge
External Dimensions (HxWxD): 6.5" x 8.0" x 2.75" (16.5cm x 20.3cm x 7.0cm)
Internal Dimensions:
Internal Drawing

CG-1000 (CableGuard 1000 Coax Demarcation Enclosure

CG-1000 CG-1000 SS8 WayneJ SS16 waynej SS16 WayneJ REN24HC jrd REN48LSD jklingert REN64 g2ktcf RPM E1.31 DMX Bridge jklingert E681 + Power Supply tjetzer

Common usage: Renard SS8 AC Controller, Renard SS16 AC Controller, Ren24HC AC Controller, Renard 48LSD DC Controller, Ren64 Controller, Helix Daughter Board
External Dimensions (HxWxD): 9.00" x 9.00" x 3.00" (22.80cm x 22.80cm x 7.60cm)
Internal Dimensions:
Internal Drawing

CG-1500 (CableGuard 1500 Coax Demarcation Enclosure)

CG-1500CG-1500 REN48LSD + Power Supply Mangrove REN48LSD + Power Supply OregonLights PC Power Supply (old CG-1500 hole pattern) jklingert Ren48LSD + Power Supply + Breakout Boards rfallatt Ren48LSD + Power Supply + Breakout Boards rfallatt

Common usage: Similar to CG-1000, but box is larger. E680, E681, E682 Pixel Controllers, AlphaPix Pixel Controllers, Various Power Supplies, Helix Main Board, Helix 32ch SSR Daughter Board
External Dimensions (HxWxD): 12.25" x 12" x 5.25" (31.10cm x 30.50cm x 13.30cm)
Internal Dimensions:
Adapter Plates for common controllers (AlphaPix, E682, LOR) and power supplies (350w)
Note: In 2011 the mounting hole pattern in the CG-1500 changed to a new layout. The drawing below is the new hole pattern.
Internal Drawing

CG-2000 (CableGuard 2000 Coax Demarcation Enclosure)

CG-2000 CG-2000 Renard SS24 rjchu Renard SS24 waynej Ren64 JEEPGUY
Common usage: Renard SS 24
External Dimensions (HxWxD): 13.0" x 9.0" x 3.0" (33.00cm x 22.80cm x 7.60cm)
Internal Dimensions:
Internal Drawing

Mounting Options

BillinSoFl somtng4u2c Mangrove bcstuff

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The following vendors stock the enclosures listed above. They are also active participants of the DIYC community and can frequently be found in the Chat Room on the DIYC site.

You can find all of these on Amazon.com CG-1500 CG-1000 CG-1000XL CG-500 CG-2000

DIY LED Express is run by user tjetzer (Todd)

Radiant Holidays(formerly WLC Ventures) is run by user g2ktcf (Chris)

CG-1500 Enclosures and a large variety Adapter Kits, including all mounting hardware for industry standard AlphaPix, Falcon V2/V3, San Devices E682, PixLite, LOR Controllers and Generic Uses | HolidayCoro is run by user dmoore (David)

HC-2500 Enclosure - A customized larger version of the CG-1500 with the same mounting pattern as the CG-1500, a second set of bosses on the door, an extra hinge and is 140% stronger material. Available with closed (drill out) or pre-drilled holes in a removable mounting plate.

Another vendor that is not a DIYC member is DF Countryman. Call 612-724-4400 to order from Sales Manager Duke McNaughton

Other Information

  • Many of the boards and controllers are designed to mount in specific enclosure and have their holes partially or completely align with the built in standoff in the enclosures.
  • It is also necessary or desirable to sometimes mount the board in different positions where the holes in the pcb does not align with the standoffs in the enclosure. It is common to use Nylon standoffs or small sections of plastic tubing to keep the boards away from the back of the enclosure. Frequently these standoffs are attached to the enclosure using adhesives like E6000, Epoxy or hot glue. Scuffing the smooth plastic enclosure before applying the adhesive will assist their holding power.
  • Another common method to mount boards and controllers in an enclosure is to actually mount the pcb to a plastic or MDF board that is then attached to the enclosure. Low cost plastic cutting boards from a dollar store or a piece of lexan from a big box hardware store are also commonly used.
  • It is also common to drill right thru the back of the enclosure to have screws provide standoffs. A small gasket or a dab of glue can also seal the holes from the weather.



Alternate Enclosures

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Dripbox 330 Outdoor Waterproof/Weatherproof Box- Black
Orbit Outdoor Timer Box
Plastic Food Containers
Ammo Can
PVC Pipe
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